ISIS new tactic, gather Mosul’s civilians then lure an airstrike

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Spokesman for United States military said Thursday that Islamic State fighters had been herding local Iraqi residents into buildings in western Mosul.

airstrikeThe rising civilian casualties would restrain the United States and its allies from using airstrikes to help retake that half of the city.

Col. Joseph E. Scrocca, a spokesman for the task force of American-led that is battling the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

“ISIS is gathering civilians into buildings so we won’t see them and trying to bait the coalition to attack.”

ISIS fighters forced Mosul residents inside a building, killing one who resisted, was observed by American surveillance aircraft.

No video of the episode was released on Thursday, but he said the video would soon be made public.

The March 17 American led airstrike that collapse of a building in western Mosul, killing scores as many as hundreds of Iraqi civilians, as well as Defense Department allegations that Islamic State fighters deliberately placed the civilians in harm’s way, have caused a change in American tactics.

“It has caused some adjustments to our procedures,” Colonel Scrocca said, though he declined to say what specific changes had been made.

What has not changed is the generals’ decision to give greater authority to American officers on the battlefield to call in airstrikes.

That decision was taken after Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, the commander of the task force that is battling the Islamic State, was told by subordinates that it was taking too long to conduct airstrikes when Syrian fighters were battling to take the town of Manbij in the northern part of the country and Iraqi fighters were first starting to take Mosul.

The latest procedures also will apply to the efforts to retake Syria’s Raqqa from the Islamic State’s capital.

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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