About us

About Human Rights Observers Magazine

Human Rights Observers is a global centre for excellence we are committed to covering human rights issues through free, accessible, creative and engaging online, print and electronic media, our work begins with the belief that creating a positive, rights-respecting culture begins with the flow of information.

HRO serves as an independent voice on human rights issues. We produce in-depth reports and policy briefs focused on human rights abuses in war-torn countries.

We produce a monthly print magazine, Human Rights Observers (Global Peace Promoters) It sets out to explain and inform, understanding of human rights challenges and issues giving readers the essentials of impartial space for dialogue and independent analysis of problems where the law may be unclear, where accountability and responsibility may not be well-
defined, and where legitimate dispute settlement mechanisms may be non-existent or poorly-administered.

Mission and Vision

We support capacity-building for institutions committed to constructive engagement on human rights-related challenges, provide analysis of human rights performance and report on emerging efforts by governments and other stakeholders.

Human Rights Observers mission is to enliven informed discussion and expression of human rights issues through print, electronic and online media.

Human Rights Observers aims to promote human rights conversation to provide a space for open discussion that includes the diverse voices and experiences of our communities. In our entire endeavor’s we hope to promote awareness by making “human rights talk” engaging, inclusive, relevant and equitable.

Our vision is to create sustainable environment where human rights are a part of everyday conversation.