Hundreds of Mosul residents killed in US led coalition airstrikes in one week

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At least 370 civilians killed by US-led air strikes in seven days of fighting, says monitor Airwars, US and its coalition partners fighting the Islamic State have killed hundreds of civilians in the first week of March monitor report claims.

civiliansThe US air power Supporting Iraqi forces storming western Mosul, according to reports by monitoring group Airwars.

The monitor group using the open space date estimated that between 250 and 370 civilians had been killed in as many as 12 incidents in thickly populated western side of Mosul since 1 March. More sources saying the coalition was responsible for the strikes.

The Airwars group is an independent monitor that uses all available sources, cross-referencing them with the coalition’s own official lists of air strikes.

The monitor group figure strongly contrasts with casualty figures from the US-led coalition, which has counted 21 civilians deaths caused by its bombs since November, and far fewer deaths than Airwars has reported in three years of fighting.

With the help of US Iraqi forces captured half of Mosul in January after 100 days of fighting and launched their attack on the districts that lie west of the Tigris River on 19 February.

United Nations Human rights agencies estimated that around 850,000 people were still in the western sector of Mosul when the battle started. About 50,000 civilians have been forced from their homes in one week alone, another UN agency International Organisation for Migration reported on the Mosul civilian’s status

The monitor group Airwars listed the US bombardment it said had caused civilians toll in the push into the west of Mosul. In one of the deadliest attack the group, it estimated between 55 and 85 people were killed in a 1 March attack on a mosque used for shelter by refugee families.

The US coalition on March 1, conducted 10 strikes consisting of 67 engagements against ISIS terrorists in Syria & Iraq.

The deadliest incident in western Mosul to date, however, might have occurred on 5 March.

Another report by the monitor group claims120 civilians were killed during an assault on a government compound in Mosul’s Dawassa district, with several local sources reporting the involvement of US Apache helicopters. Both coalition and Iraqi forces, however, were cited by different outlets as being responsible.

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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