Teen dies tragically while performing live COBRA kiss stunt

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A teenager died while trying live stunt with poisonous cobra the hooded creature turned on him, sinking its teeth into his trunk while kissing it for a photograph stunt.

cobraA snake rescuer Volunteer Somnath Mhatre, 18, had culled the destructive reptile from an auto to move it to a more secure place.

Be that as it may, when he postured for a photograph endeavoring to peck the snake on the head, the hooded creature turned on him, sinking its teeth into his trunk.

The youngster brought to the emergency healing center in Navi Mumbai, India, where he battled for his life however kicked the bucket five days after the fact.

A kindred snake rescuer, who would not like to be named, stated: “Somnath had gone to save a snake from an auto at focal business region Belapur.

“In any case, after effectively saving the cobra, he took it to another area where was endeavoring to record his demonstration of kissing the cobra on its head.

“the stunt went tragically wrong amid that photograph operation the snake all of a sudden turned and bit Somnath on his trunk.”

Animal rescuer Mr Mhatre – who had protected more than 100 snakes – kicked the bucket on February 2.

Activists are presently approaching the Forest Department to issue rules to make a move against those included in performing and posting pictures of tricks including snakes.

Press journalist for HROmedia – Saurav Nag reports.

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