70 killed, scores still trapped as heavy snow hits Afghanistan and Pakistan

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Heavy snow hits parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan about 70 people were killed over the weekend. Afghan authorities launch operation to rescue scores still trapped.

snow Eastern part Afghanistan, at least 50 people died and dozens more were still missing on Sunday after an avalanche buried a village in Nuristan, the governor Nuristan province Hafiz Abdul Qayum said.

“The district officials already recovered 50 dead bodies and the number is rapidly increasing,” he said.

There five more deaths reported from collapsed roofs were reported elsewhere in Nuristan.

The worst effect Badakhshan’s norther province over the past two days as many as 19 people were killed and 17 injured by avalanches, collapsed houses and accidents on the roads, said Naweed Frotan, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

Afghan government was working to reach at least all 12 districts in Badakhshan that had been completely cut off no from the capital he said.

Heavy snow hits and completely blanketed the Afghan capital of Kabul, where the government ordered to close schools government offices till further notice.

Snow also hits Pakistan, at least nine people, including children, were killed by an avalanche in the northern Chitral district, another 14 residents believed to still be trapped in collapsed houses, district official Syed Maghferat Shah said.

“The rescue team workers have recovered ten bodies and efforts are under way to retrieve mor‎e,” he said.

The remote village of 25 houses hit badly by avalanche, but evacuation operations were delayed by the weather, Chitral Deputy Commissioner Shahab Hameed Yousafzai.

“The injured persons trapped there is no way to reach hospitals to Chitral because all roads in the valley have been blocked due to heavy snowfall,” he said.

In the Chitral region itself a government rescue worker was killed when an avalanche struck a check post near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the commanding officer told.

Heavy snow blanketed roads in Afghanistan, including the Kabul-Kandahar Highway, where police and soldiers had to rescue around 300 cars and buses trapped by the storm, a spokesperson Jawid Salangi, for Ghazni province said, where as much as two meters of new snow was reported.

The north Kabul Salang pass was also closed under as much as two and a half meters of snow, the local officials and police general Rajab Salangi, who oversees the area.

“It is expected to remain blocked until the snow is completely cleared from the main area and main road, facilities are provided and it is safe to travel,” he said.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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