Donald Trump and his followers could destroy America even if he loses

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Aug  07, – Since Aug. 2, Trump has feuded with a baby, repeatedly insulted the Muslim parents of a deceased veteran, claimed he “always wanted a Purple Heart,” insisted the election will be “rigged,” reignited past campaign controversies like his mockery of a disabled reporter and his comments over Megan Kelly’s menstrual cycle, falsely claimed he was given state secrets about Iran and then announced those “secrets” to the public, and inspired several Republicans to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump 1Donald Trump’s erratic behavior over the past week has led to speculation that he is purposefully trying to sabotage his own campaign.

This is clearly not a winning strategy. But there is no reason to believe Trump is purposefully trying to lose. In January, Trump boasted that he “could stand in the middle of [New York City’s] 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”  There is no reason to believe Trump is purposefully trying to lose. What he is doing now is merely the rhetorical equivalent. Trump’s current behavior should concern Americans–not simply because of the hatred and intolerance his campaign has normalized, but because the leaders who might inherit Trump’s voter base could be even worse.

From its infancy, Trump’s campaign has been about testing the limits of his fans’ loyalty and public tolerance for bigotry, threats, and lies. The Republican Party and the media have repeatedly failed this test. GOP leaders have criticized him but most refuse to retract their endorsements. Some journalists have apologized for their role in promoting Trump during the primaries, and many now critique him harshly, but you can still find his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski spouting racist birther theories as a paid commentator on CNN. And despite a phenomenal meltdown, Trump still maintains his fan base as well as institutional support.

That said, it is looking more likely that Trump will lose. Though polls are not a reliable predictor of what will happen in November, several recent surveys indicate an unprecedented drop in his approval ratings. According to Gallup, Trump is the first candidate in US history to lose

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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