Syrians must not be forced out of Aleppo, UN says

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July 29, – Russia, which is backing the Syrian regime in the five-year war, announced plans to set up four corridors for civilians and fighters to leave Aleppo, which has been under heavy assault for weeks.

Syrians must not be forced out of AleppoThe UN’s aid chief warned Thursday that humanitarian corridors proposed by Russia to help Syrians leave Aleppo must be used voluntarily and that protection be guaranteed.

The proposal however raised concerns that the corridors could be used to flush out Aleppo before a final push by the Syrian regime forces to take the city.

“No one can be forced to flee, by any specific route or to any particular location,” said Stephen O’Brien, the under-secretary general for humanitarian affairs.

“Protection must be guaranteed for all according to the principles of neutrality and impartiality,” he said in a statement.

The Syrian opposition condemned Russia’s proposal, saying the exit corridors would be used to empty the city.

“If the corridors could be used to allow aid into Aleppo, then that would be welcome,” said British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft.

“But clearly the UN and the rest of us cannot be complicit in anything else — for instance, any form of emptying of Aleppo, or preparing for an onslaught in Aleppo, or indeed any continuation of this medieval siege of Aleppo which is going on.”

“The single most important thing that can happen to improve the situation in Aleppo is an end to the military bombing campaign of Aleppo being carried out by the Assad regime and their backers,” the ambassador told reporters.

The UN aid chief renewed his call for a 48-hour weekly humanitarian truce for Aleppo, saying this “is what we as humanitarians require.”

Syrian regime forces seized the last remaining supply route to Aleppo this month and all humanitarian and commercial movements came to a halt on July 7.

Government forces have surrounded rebel-held districts in eastern Aleppo since July 17, sparking fears for at least 200,000 people who live there.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports

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