Migrant children, ages 3 and 5, die in Greece

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Nov 15, – Greek authorities say two young migrants, a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, died in separate incidents late Friday.

The latest news as hundreds of thousands make their way across Europe in search of safety and a better life. All times local.

Macedonia MigrantsThe boy died at sea when the inflatable boat carrying 15 migrants and an operator smashed on rocks off the coast of the island of Chios, the Greek coast guard says. The boat engine exploded and all passengers jumped into the sea. The other 14 passengers and the 18-year-old operator made it safely to the beach, but the boy was unconscious when coast guard officers arrived and his death was confirmed in the hospital. Two other passengers were hospitalized, but their injuries were not life threatening.

The girl was part of a family of six who had crossed from Turkey through the Evros river, in northeastern Greece, and were following train tracks to the city of Alexandroupolis. The girl apparently slipped away from her parents and was struck by a passing train, police say. The incident took place around 8 p.m. local (1800 GMT).

Also, the Coast Guard says that a body of a man about 30 years old, in an advanced state of decomposition, was found at sea off the island of Lesbos Friday.

Poland’s prospective minister for European affairs says in view of the terror attacks in Paris, Poland cannot go ahead with an EU agreement to accept some 7,000 refugees without guarantees of security.

Writing on a political website, Konrad Szymanski said that following the attacks “we see no political possibility of carrying them (EU decisions) out.”

He later told reporters that Poland will accept refugees only “if we have guarantees of security.”

Szymanski has been nominated as a minister in Poland’s new conservative government to be sworn in on Monday.

Germany’s vice-chancellor has warned against a crackdown on migrants coming to Europe because of the Paris attacks.

Sigmar Gabriel says those seeking refuge in Europe shouldn’t be made to suffer just because “they come from those regions where terror is being exported to us and to the world.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy’s told reporters in Berlin on Saturday that “we stand to protect them too, and to ensure that they don’t have to suffer because murderers in France are threatening people and Europe in the name of a religion.”

Gabriel is the leader of Germany’s center-left Social Democratic Party.

Asylum seekers fleeing war and poverty in Syria and other war-ravaged countries are condemning the Paris attacks fearing it may become more difficult for the refugees to start new lives in Western Europe.

The migrants streaming through Slovenia toward Austria, Germany and other wealthy EU nations said Saturday the terror attacks resemble the wars that they are fleeing.

Zebar Akram, 29, from Iraq, said the terrorists actions in Paris were “like they act in Syria or Iraq.” Abdul Selam, 31, who is fleeing Syria, said he fears refugees now “will be considered as probable attackers.”

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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