British Prime Minister David Cameron says ISIS likely blew up Russian airliner

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Nov 05, – British Prime Minister David Cameron, contradicting officials in Russia and Egypt, said Thursday it appeared probable that terrorist bombers took down a tourist flight.

hromedia Cameron says bomb likely caused Russian airliner crash intl. news3“We don’t know for certain that it was a terrorist bomb,” Cameron said at his 10 Downing St. office. “There’s still an investigation taking place in Egypt.”

But the British leader said indications at this point were that “it was more likely than not” that the plane was targeted by terrorists. The Islamic State has said they were responsible for the carnage.

Cameron’s comments echoed statements from U.S. officials who believe the Russian Metrojet flight was blown from the skies last Saturday by a bomb smuggled aboard by ISIS terrorists.

The bloodthirsty terrorist group claimed responsibility for the mid-air explosion that killed 224 people. “We downed it, so die in your rage,” read a Twitter message purportedly posted by ISIS.

The plane went down in an area where Egyptian forces were battling with Islamic insurgents. Intercepted communications indicated the ISIS plotters managed to slip the bomb aboard Metrojet Flight 9268 before it broke apart above the Sinai Peninsula.

Yet both Russian and Egyptian leaders were quick to say the cause of the lethal blast remained under investigation.

“One cannot rule out a single theory, but at this point there are no reasons to voice just one theory as reliable,” said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Only investigators can do that.

Putin, in a Thursday phone conversation with Cameron, asked him to refrain from further comments until the official probe is done.

Cameron said “intelligence and information” led to his conclusion. Egyptian officials have dismissed any explanation at this point as just speculation.

Officials at Metrojet ruled out pilot error or a technical problem as possible causes. The A321-200 Airbus mysteriously fell apart just 23 minutes after takeoff from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport on its way to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Press journalist for Human Rights Observers Media – Norberto LLuch reports.


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