Peshmerga forces retake new areas south of Iraq’s Kirkuk

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Jun 11, – Iraqi Kurdish forces, known as the Peshmerga, regained new areas south of Kirkuk city on Thursday, Al Hadath News Channel’s correspondent reported.

hromedia Peshmerga forces retake new areas south of Iraq’s Kirkuk arab uprising3The Peshmerga forces were able to recapture the areas in the northern oil-rich city after U.S. and allied forces targeted Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants in Iraq with 16 air strikes since Tuesday, the U.S. military said, including five near Baiji, site of the country’s biggest oil refinery.

The strikes near Baiji hit four ISIS tactical units, destroyed three vehicles, a building and an improvised explosive device (IED), the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement on Wednesday. Other air strikes in Iraq hit near Tal Afar, Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdadi, Sinjar and Makhmur, it said.

In Syria, three air strikes targeted the militant group at its stronghold of Raqqa and forces launched one air strike each near al-Hasaka and Dayr Az Zawr, where an Islamic State crude oil collection point was hit, the task force said.

Press journalist for HRO Media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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