Death toll rises to 17 in Texas as storms spark record floods

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May 27, – At least 17 people have been killed in severe storms and flooding that hit parts of Texas and Oklahoma, with officials worried that number may rise.

hromedia Death toll rises to 17 in Texas as storms spark record floods intl. news2Several more fatalities were reported — four in Houston and four more in Central Texas. That brought to 17 the number of people killed by the holiday weekend storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

In the United States, it’s been Hays County, not far from the Texas capital of Austin, where up to 400 homes washed away this weekend.

The Blanco River there surged well above flood stage, sending raging waters through communities like Wimberley. Days later, 12 people are still missing.

Among them are Laura McComb, her young daughter Leighton and her son Andrew. They’d been with Jonathan McComb, Laura’s husband and the children’s father, in the family’s vacation cabin in Wimberley on Saturday night when the heavy rains began. About 20 minutes later, “something big in the house shook,” Jonathan’s father, Joe McComb, told CNN.

He suspects the noise was a loose tree that fell and knocked his kin’s cabin off its pilings, eventually causing it to plummet downriver.

“I don’t know how many miles downriver … the house went,” Joe McComb said. “When the bridge hit the house, it took the top part of the house off. That’s when all the family members got scattered.”

When it did, Laura McComb was on the phone with her sister, Julie.

“We are floating in a house that is now floating down the river,” McComb said, her sister told CNN affiliate KXAN. “Call Mom and Dad. I love you, and pray.”

Storm, search continues

The storm moved eastward Tuesday, bringing rain and more danger to Louisiana and Mississippi. The problem with this system isn’t just the heavy rain — this is, after all, late May along the Gulf Coast — but that it’s lingered and that it’s after weeks of regular, intense precipitation.

As CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri noted, “This is a long-duration event.”

Thus, the storm continues. So, too, does the mourning of families like those of Alyssa Renee Ramirez, a star athlete and student council president at Devine High School who died early Sunday while driving home from her senior prom.

The search for the missing goes on as well, though the possibility of finding survivors fades with each moment.

One miracle is Jonathan McComb, who is in a local hospital after being found downstream. The whereabouts of his wife and two children, though, is a mystery.

“We never lose hope,” said his father, Joe. “But I think reality is setting in that there is probably a good chance that it might not be the outcome we’re hoping for.

“But you never give up hope.”

Press journalist for HRO media – Norberto Lluch report.

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