Afghans mourn as landslide wipes out entire village, 2,250 confirmed dead

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May 04, – Survivors of a landslide that entombed a village in northern Afghanistan mourned hundreds of dead relatives on Sunday as aid teams rushed to care for 700 families left homeless in the mountains.

hromedia Afghans mourn as landslide wipes out entire village, 2,250 confirmed dead intl. news2Much of Aab Bareek village in Badakhshan province was swallowed on Friday by a fast-moving tide of mud and rock that sweep down the hillside and left almost no trace of 300 homes.

Government officials have put the current death toll at 300 people and warned it could rise by hundreds more, after initial reports suggested that as many as 2,500 people may have died.

Large crowds gathered at the remote disaster site, where the volume of deep mud covering houses made rescue efforts hopeless.

Only a few dead bodies have been pulled from the debris.

Wailing near her father’s destroyed house, Begum Nisa, a 40-year-old mother of three, described the moment when the wall of mud smashed through the village.

“I was eating lunch by the window of my house, then suddenly I heard a huge roar, and I realised that our village was hit by landslides,” she said.

“I shouted to my family to save themselves, but it was too late. I have lost my dear father and mother. I also lost my uncle and five members of his family.”

Local people and emergency workers had used shovels to try to dig out survivors but without success, and relief work turned to caring for about 700 displaced families.

Tents, food and water began arriving on Saturday as Afghan and international aid groups worked to get supplies through to the village.

Press journalist for HRO media – Dawar Shah contributed to this report.

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