‘Our youngest hostage’: Barbaric act in Syria take aim at toddler

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Apr 22, – According to the Arabic websites, social media networks posted the picture of a child sitting on the ground while surrounded by armed men pointing their rifles at him.  The caption appearing with the picture, purportedly posted by a supporter of the Free Syrian Army, is “Our youngest hostage from among the hostile sects of Kessab.”

hromedia ‘Our youngest hostage’ Barbaric act in Syria take aim at toddler arab uprising2Since the picture appeared on Arabic social media, many have expressed shock and outrage, condemning the Barbaric act of terrorist exposes their anti-human face while others cast doubt on the authenticity of the picture.

Of course, those wondering what the rebels have to gain from taking such a picture and making it public, yes well planned conspiracy by Syrian regime just to crack the image of rebels in front of the international community and those who support rebels and their freedom struggle.

Surely “teasing” an infidel toddler – a subhuman – with their rifles and sharing it with their sadistic comrades via the Internet, true intentions to shift support in Assad’s favour and at the same time so called crusader Assad’s regime can easily defame rebels and their cause.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat contributed to this report.


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