Venezuela journalist attacked by pro-government militia in Central University

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Apr 04, – Masked militia stormed a university in Caracas hurling stones and fireworks as tensions mount over Venezuela’s crippled economy. The militia members prevented journalists from photographing a student who lay on the ground, apparently gravely injured.

hromedia Venezuela journalist attacked by pro-government militia in Central University intl. news2Pro-government students at the Central University of Venezuela battered their anti-establishment peers with sticks, hospitalising three.

Hundreds of riot police deployed tear gas and grenades to bring the hours-long conflict under control.

Prepared for violent action, student came clad in goggles, faces mask and hats, with many brandishing catapults to throw stones at police officers and rivals

The outburst on Thursday started as a march through the capital calling for an end to rocketing inflation and dwindling resources.

But within minutes, bandana-clad clash with police officers and the scene descended into near-anarchy.

Student leader Juan Requesens says at least three protesters were hospitalised with serious injuries.

A National Police truck blasts demonstrators at the entrance to the university with a high pressure hose in a bid to round up the hundreds of students

The students captured two counter-protesters and stripped them naked.

The protest was the latest in two months of unrest in the country, which has left at least 39 people dead.

Demonstrators have been on the streets since early February calling for Nicolas Maduro’s resignation and complaining about a litany of problems from rampant crime to food shortages.

Press journalist for HRO media – Norberto Lluch contributed to this report.

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