Critical Kejriwal quits amid fear of being exposed

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Feb 15, – Arvind Kejriwal’s 49-day governance comes to an end amid centre stage drama. Caught in controversies, in other words controversial chief Minister, looking for an exit route he played a 49-day tumbling innings.

hromedia Critical Kejriwal quits amid fear of being exposed intl. news4Kejriwal never looked confident during his tenure, it was a clear from the beginning, he will escape from his responsibilities.

His body language another indication he was desperately trying to find Escape route, fear of getting exposed he never thought of taking Janata approval before he resigns.

He realised by now he lost half of his popularity in terms of his false promises.

Instead of resigning for Lok Janpal bill he would have concentrated on other Delhi issues for which he was voted.

His Ministers involved in racism, Human Rights violations and failing to protect women’s dignity, Kejriwal continues to support Somnath Bharti even half a dozen Human Rights organization’s outcry for injustice.


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