Anna Hazare and Rahul Gandhi bond over Lokpal Bill

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Dec 17, Delhi – Congress number 2 Rahul Gandhi and Gandhian activist Anna Hazare have exchanged letters of admiration and support on the Lokpal Bill.

hromedia Anna Hazare and Rahul Gandhi bond over Lokpal Bill intl. news2Anna, who is fasting in his Maharashtra village to demand that Parliament pass the anti-corruption Bill in the ongoing winter session, had written to Mr Gandhi on Sunday appreciating his efforts to ensure that the Bill is passed.

“I welcome your initiative,” Anna wrote, also requesting that provisions suggested by an all-party parliamentary committee be included in the bill. “If Parliament can add any other provisions to further strengthen the bill, it will benefit the common man. The people are waiting for a strong Lokpal,” the 76-year-old wrote.

In his reply, Mr Gandhi, 43, thanked Anna and said, “I was very encouraged by your letter. We are committed to giving the country a strong Lokpal Bill.”

He also wrote, “We respect your role in this effort and are grateful for your support.”

The Lokpal Bill creates a new agency empowered to investigate charges of graft against government officers. Anna Hazare had in 2011 led a huge anti-graft movement that electrified middle class India. His 16-day fast in Delhi drew thousands of people every day, and impelled street protests in other cities.

Parliament promised Anna that the Lokpal Bill would be passed soon; in December that year, it was cleared by the Lok Sabha, but failed in the Rajya Sabha and was sent to a select committee which recommended changes.

Last week, when the Congress-led government expressed its resolve to pass the Bill in the current session which ends on Friday, its ally the Samajwadi Party said it would not support it.

Rahul Gandhi then made a rare appearance at a press conference and appealed to all parties to pass the Lokpal Bill. He is now leading the Congress’ Lokpal strategy and met ministers Kamal Nath and V Narayanasamy this morning.

Press journalist for HRO media – Contributed to this report.

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