World of entertainment for visitors at Global Village

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Dec 08, – Exciting, breath-taking entertainment shows are on the cards at the 18th edition of the Global Village. Circus performers from China, street performers from the UK, breakdancers from the US, fountains with a ‘son et lumiere’ show featuring fire effects, the thrill show ‘Sky Wheel’, street shows featuring Street Lamp Acrobatics and the kids show ‘Orbis’ are among the many international shows happening at the family entertainment daily. A Fantasy Island, funfair with over 50 fun rides, and traditional bands are added attractions.

hromedia , World of entertainment for visitors at Global VillageCircus performers from China, street performers from the UK, breakdancers from the US, street shows featuring Street Lamp Acrobatics and the kids show ‘Orbis’ are among the many international shows happening at Global Village.

The Global Village looks more attractive this year. An Egyptian pharaoh’s bust adorns one of the gates. Once inside, the aesthetic façade and unique features of the different pavilions lure visitors.

Egyptian antiques

The Egyptian pavilion reflects the glory of one of the oldest countries in the world. A pyramid made of glass rises above the main building and hieroglyphics adorn the façade. Families can get names written in hieroglyphics. The pavilion is a storehouse of Egyptian souvenirs and modern-day accessories. Stalls selling miniature statues of Queen Nefertiti, The Great Pyramid of Giza, and other interesting artifacts, are aplenty.

Spanish delight

The Spain pavilion takes visitors to the arena of the centuries-old bullfighting. For the first time, the Global Village features stuffed bulls, camels, falcons and lions. Jose Fidel Garcia Chamizo, taxidermist and exhibitor at the Global Village, said several Emiratis have ordered for a stuffed camel, which he is selling for Dh30,000 and up depending on their positions of stuffing. “Horses stuffed in a galloping position and lions in an attacking mode are more expensive than in normal position. But a stuffed camel is more expensive.”

Olive oil from Andalucia known as the ‘liquid gold’ in Europe, beckons olive oil users.

Local attractions

The UAE pavilion is designed to portray the country’s heritage and architecture. The pavilion also displays locally-made oil perfume, Emirati national dresses and home-grown honey and dates and other locally-manufactured products. An Emirati traditional kitchen with popular sweets and gourmet welcomes guests to the pavilion. Burning incense wafts in the air to welcome visitors in UAE hospitality.

Indian heritage

The Indian pavilion is one of the largest pavilions at Global Village. Patterned after the Taj Mahal, the pavilion highlights the beauty of the Mughal architecture that demonstrates the aesthetic qualities of Islamic and Persian art.

A wide variety of home accessories, ranging from cushions, pillows and bedspreads covers to Punjabi juttis, the finest cashmere and pashmina shawls, silk and hand-made leather bags, wallets, belts, shoes and jewellery are aplenty.

Italian muse

Italy has joined the fun, entertainment at the Global Village. At a glance the Italian Pavilion portrays the three Cs of culture, cuisine, and craftsmanship. Along with the fairground fun and games, the interactive street entertainment, and live musical performance, Italy is ready to make a footprint on Dubai, with its unique products.

With more world heritage sites than any other country in the world and a collection of art, buildings, and literature from a range of periods, people interested in what is ancient and unique will find the Italian Pavilion the right place to go.

Visitors also get the chance to lay their hands on beautifully handcrafted Venetian masks produced by Due Bi at the Italian Pavilion. Beautifully created in Venice, these masks have been brought over specifically for Global Village.

Geltrude, an exhibitor, says that the masks transport one to the carnival of Venice. “These masks are crafted by hands out of paper mache, ceramic, or resin. We have lots of these masks in bright colours,” she said.

“While people go to Italy to experience the history and culture, they can’t always bring a whole lot of it back with them so that they can experience Italy in their own homes. The shopping experience and culinary experience we provide at Global Village really allows people, whether they’ve traveled to Italy before or not, to delve into the rich fashion, food, and arts of the country,” said Khalid Al Aini, the Italy pavilion organiser.

Visitors can also taste the delicious pasta at Carra Nonna, the renowned pasta maker selling their products exclusively at Global Village this year.

For foodies

Among the various pavilions are 25 restaurants and 170 kiosks with a wide selection of food from around the world. While Netherlands offer Holland’s own sugar waffles and mini pancakes, Turkey has come out with its traditional ice cream. Wandering around, shouting at passersby to get their attention are ‘Tamr Hendy’  carrying traditional coffee from Syria.

Crowd puller

The Global Village is one of Dubai’s biggest brands and tourism destinations, with a team of over 10,000 people ensuring a unique experience to visitors over five months. The village expects to draw more than five million visitors this year. And with 17,000 parking lots, getting to the village has become an easy proposition.

Press journalist for HRO media – contributed to this report.

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