Human Rights Observers chairman Tameem M, calls for bold action to end violence against women and girls

May 3, 2013 | By More

May 3, – Speaking on the occasion Tameem, stated, according to statistics of violence against women in India, The National Crime Records Bureau reported that More than 90,000 children go missing in India each year; more than 34,000 are never found. There is a crime against women in every three minutes,

human rights observers tameem m

While speaking Mr. Tameem said Up to seven in ten women have experienced violence in their lifetime. It’s time to end this pandemic, with one commitment at a time. To protect women against Sexual violence, certain promising steps to be taken. There are many ways to make a life free of violence a reality for women and girls: from passing or improving laws; launching public awareness campaigns free hotline services and free legal aid to survivors; supporting education programs that address gender stereotypes and violence; and increasing women in law enforcement,

The Declaration states that ending violence against women and girls is a priority for development, peace and security, human rights and economic and social cohesion. It positions the Campaign as the advocacy platform for zero tolerance to gender-based violence throughout the sub-continent.

The session was held to monitor increased number of sexual violence against women in recent months, after the Delhi gang rape incident in the month December atrocities against women and girls are on rise, a grave concern that 5-year old girls have not been spared. Focusing on the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls Said we need to implement l993 UN Declaration on the Elimination of all forms Violence Against Women.

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