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February 24, 2013 | By More

Anti-rule demonstrations gripped several countries in the Middle East in early 2011, and Bahrain experienced ome of the most turbulent confrontations between protesters and government forces. The protesters, inspired by recent events in Egypt and Tunisia where protesters fortunately brought down those regimes, Bahrainis began their protests on Feb. 14th There has drawn out been boiling straining between the tribes, which is 70% Shiite, and 30% Sunni and governing rank or regularity.

Bahrain is a diminutive archipelago (isle cluster) in the Persian Gulf. It has been ruled by the Al Khalifa the Royal family rule since 1783. It became a British protectorate in the 19th hundred, and became unrestrained in 1971.

An isle Nation with geographical circuit of 55 kms drawn out and 18 Kms broad surrounded by 30 diminutive islands under its control it found a total of 1,234,571 people now live in Bahrain, an increase of 128,062 from 2010 statistics compiled by the Central Informatics Organization. Meanwhile, Bahrainis now find themselves in the minority, accounting for 568,399 of the population – with expats making up the rest.

568,399 just more than half million Bahraini nationals, unlike Tunis and Egypt there is no comparative estimate in the provisions of Bahraini nationals, who enjoyed trade, fiscal funds, allowance schemes, old age pensions, spousal’s concede, disqualification pensions, widow pensions unrestrained of the healing art coverage, horse-cloth for all and not burdensome avenue to the fiscal funds from the rule and solitary institutions.

While the review shows the fall off has not influenced by the Bahraini tribe in event it was flamed by the inconsistency to overthrow the regime and come after in their search for complete control of the island nation.

Since the arising of year 1783 Bahrain was ruled by the Khalifa rule Royal parents and children, the near sovereign His Majesty sovereign King Hamad’s vision of modern Bahrain which makes him a sui generis individuality in the whole of GCC region.

His Majesty King Hamad, by extending independence to its citizens he democratically elected legislature where women has given a role who can run for office. And a greater role to the political societies can back candidates in elections.

He turned down the critics by playing an important role in a war against terror with Western allies, serving as a Western partner during the Persian Gulf War in 1991 and the Iraq War in 2003. It continues to obey as the anchor of the United States’ Fifth Fleet, which patrols the Gulf.

The nature has a sparse actual existence about Bahraini uprising; there is a review which clearly shows inconsistency parties led by al wefaq misled tribe in the name of reforms, where statistics shows Bahrain is a governing GCC land which guarantee freedom, peace, security and economically strong living conditions to its citizens, it seems the only aim of this revolt is a conspiracy to topple the Dynasty of His Majesty King Hamad, in order to gain complete control of the island nation.

The demonstrations started by several hundred Bahrainis gathered in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Manama to
express solidarity with anti-rule protesters there.

On 14 February, an estimated 6,000 tribe participated in many demonstrations and national rallies throughout Bahrain.

Every nation has right to restore law and order situation especially when it gets out of direction and becomes menace to its safety, a civilized nation cannot put its land on a brink of fire by allowing demonstrators to throw down for example 16th Feb Fadhel, led a group of 400 demonstrators attacked seven policemen with stones, metal rods and swords. When the police started to dispel the crowd in a undisturbed and civilized way demonstrators taken advantage by attacking seven police men including police officers injured seriously in a brute encounter.

As this uprising has no reliable aim to snatch the consideration of international community or nations common or joint possession because the objectives behind this uprising is to bring down the rule of His Majesty King Hamad,  International community has a role to play they must send a clear message and clarify the position of His Majesty King Hamad, the Khalifa Family ruled this nation since 1783, he is not an elected leader to topple down, those who undermine will have to make out there shall be an accountability accused shall be brought to justice.

Human Rights Groups, criticizing Bahrain a murderous crackdown on undisturbed demonstrators and excessive use of force, Human Rights Watch too taken a similar stand presented their contradictory report and accused Bahrain of Human Rights abuses, the isle nationality become a sacrifice to the ongoing Arab uprising, where crimes against humanity were on the mount in Tunis, Libya, Egypt Yemen and Syria, emerging pictures from these countries put Bahrain on the like platform otherwise Bahrain has a different story to say.


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