Syrian children fleeing for their life after Russian parachute bombs destroy rebel town

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A video appearing to show a fresh attack on Syria with Russian parachute bombs has emerged online.

syrian childrenHarrowing first hand footage captures the moment a bomb lands on the Syrian city of Al-Lataminah as a mushroom cloud of smoke bursts skywards.

A man recording the footage is heard praying for the souls of those near the blast.

Further footage shows the man making his way through the bomb zone amid chaos and crying children.

One person is seen running for their life carrying an injured child in their arms.

Babies are heard wailing as the man moves through the rubble before a bawling toddler with a bloody face covered head to toe in debris approaches him for help.

The man takes the child by the hand before asking him in Arabic: ‘Where is your father?’

Though there is no date stamp on the heart wrenching footage, it is believed to have been a very recent attack.

Russia has been known to use parachute bombs in sustained attacks on Islamic State strongholds.

Jets bombed the villages of Al-Lataminah as well as Kafr Zita and Morek.

Russia have launched more than 70 airstrikes since their anti-Islamic State campaign began in September 2015.

Russia has been using parachute bombs in Syria for the past two years, and experts believe they are the most effective means the Russian Air Force has of obliterating underground tunnels.

Military sources have claimed that they are more precise than other types of bombs, and have been used to target the underground networks jihadist groups have built up beneath their Syrian strongholds.

In recent months they have been used against rebel targets Syria’s Idlib and Hama provinces.

A military source from the Aleppo Governorate last year told Al-Masdar News that these bombs would be used more frequently against tunnel networks in Syria.

Parachute bombs, which are mines attached to parachutes, were first used during the Second World War, both by RAF Bomber Command and the German Luftwaffe.

Military bosses discovered that mines which detonated at roof level could inflict more damage on buildings than bombs which went off on impact.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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