Horrified mother refuses to breastfeed ‘cursed’ baby with hardened shell for skin

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Shocked mother refused to breastfeed her own child, she even refused to touch the infant – after it was born with a rare genetic disorder which left the child with ‘shell’ for skin

breastfeedIndian woman, aged 28, delivered the child in a hospital in the backward Indian district Bihar – and it’s believed to be only the second child in the country born with ‘harlequin ichthyosis’.

Terrified mother said, ‘I have no idea how this happened.

‘The woman further said her husband and her whole family completely devastated. I am in shock as I was really looking forward to becoming a mother of a healthy child, be it a girl or a boy

Harlequin ichthyosis is extremely rare, and children with the genetic disorder are born with white ‘plates’ of thickened skin, with cracks in between them.

The disease can often be diagnosed in the womb by ultrasound scans. Children with harlequin icthyosis are prone to severe bacterial infections, and doctors in the hospital said the baby was not expected to survive for long.

Many patients with harlequin ichthyosis die shortly after birth, but some patients have survived for decades.

Press journalist for HROmedia – Saurav Nag reports.

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