ISIS take final stand in Battle for Mosul as Terrified civilians flee

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Exhausted and war-weary to run, he simply trudges down the road away from the hell of Islamic State’s terrifying last stand.

civiliansCarrying frightened toddler on his shoulders and a tiny baby somehow asleep in his arms, this fleeing father’s haunted face sums up the horror of the siege of Mosul’s ­suicidal dying days.

His family is among more than 65,000 civilians who have left the war zone in the past two weeks as Islamic state militants battered ­advancing Iraqi troops with mortars.

The family said worse yet to come. In one day the extremists have sent at least 10 suicide bombs they have detonated as the Iraqi Federal Police keep pushing to the edges of the Old City.

One final fight for the historic district – the final ISIS stronghold in the northern Iraq city – is seen as pivotal to its recapture.

Soldiers will have to abandon vehicles to advance on foot along the district’s narrow streets, where fighting is expected to be most savage.

But it emerged tonight they will have the best help available in the shape of British SAS and American Delta Force experts now ­embedded with the Iraqi Army.

Elite teams of eight men from both countries are guiding Iraqis on each attack and providing fire support to local troops, who they trained.

Our crack commandos are also on standby for strike missions to take out ISIS leaders who have around 2,000 diehards dug in all over western Mosul.

Western sniper teams are also in “overwatch” positions, hitting ISIS targets and calling in artillery, mortar and air-strikes from coalition war planes.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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