ISIS gunmen dressed as doctors kill 38 in Kabul hospital attack

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Islamic state militants dressed as medics stormed Afghanistan’s Kabul hospital on Wednesday killing more than 38 people and wounding dozens in an attack claimed by ISIS website.

hospital attackISIS suicide bomber blew himself at Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital in Kabul, across the road from the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, and three other ISIS attackers with automatic weapons and hand grenades entered the complex, security officials said.

An eye witness inside the hospital said Patients and doctors were caught by surprise as a gunman dressed in a white doctor’s coat took out a concealed AK-47 assault rifle and opened fire.

“Gunfire broke out all of sudden and a gunman was shooting at everyone,” said Zahir Khan, he hid under a table and later found a corridor to escaped. “He was shooting at doctors, patients and visitors.”

Some patients climbed out of the building and could be seen sheltering on window ledges.

Spokesman for the Defence ministry Dawlat Waziri said the attack was suppressed by mid-afternoon, with all three gunmen killed.

Security forces swept the hospital buildings, another ministry spokesman said they found more than 30 dead and 50 wounded, including doctors, patients and hospital staff.

Further spokesman for the public health ministry said three dead and 66 wounded had been taken to other hospitals in the city.

The gunmen, dressed as medical personnel, had taken up positions on the upper floors of the hospital and engaged special forces sent to the scene, officials said.

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