Thousands of Rohingya children are victims of unbearable acts of army cruelty

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UN report says fears are growing for the lives of several thousand children in northwest Burma suffering aftermath of Myanmar army’s torture, rape and murder of Rohingya Muslims.

rohingya childrenChildren facing severe malnutrition and lack of medical care but denied vital aid after a sweeping military crackdown against suspected Rohingya militants.

Several UN agencies trying to provide medical assistance to Rohingya were barred access by Myanmar, UN agencies were unable to maintain lifesaving services for more than 3,000 registered children, mostly from the minority Rohingya Muslim community,

The worst affected wo townships of northern Rakhine state after the military sealed off the area during operations in response to the killing of nine policemen in attacks on border posts on 9 October.

After International outcry, the military allowed the UN to resume limited aid operations in Buthidaung Township in mid-December and last month in Maungdaw North.

But several thousand children originally receiving aid still have not been reached while others needing help were feared also to be succumbing to severe malnourishment.

Aid workers classify the children as “indirect victims” of the conflict. They say they may be dead, missing or among the almost 70,000 who have fled across the border to Bangladesh.

“Other NGO’s working getting reports from Rohingya Muslims they said we have reports of children who died from malnutrition.

NGO head Chris Lewa, director of Arakan Project, operating for years in northern Rakhine, “The indirect victims of the conflict might be more than those killed,” she said. Arakan Project estimates that some 200 people were killed by the military. Other estimates range up to 1,000.

According to WHO the death rate for acutely malnourished children left without support is between 30 to 50 per cent if not assisted within the first weeks.

We know from experience that as soon as there is closure then infections and diseases spread. So people who are coming [to get aid] might be completely new beneficiaries who have now become malnourished,” said one aid worker who asked not to be named.

The Myanmar military continue to lie and stopping UN to continue their work said last week it had ceased operations but the conflict zone remains closed to all foreigners. Non-Burmese UN staffers have had limited access, making full counts and assessments impossible.

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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