French military training eagles to take down terrorist drones

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Reports are emerging terrorists may be turning to drones, but the country has found a solution in the natural world.

eaglesReported the local media reported agence France-Presse, the golden eagle quartet, are being trained to detect, hunt, and take down enemy drones in the sky.

France is on alert after November 2015 terror attacks for any other terrorism threats on the horizon. Drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used by terrorist factions for surveillance purposes — or potentially as part of wider attacks such as dropping small bombs on civilian targets — and the French military wants to keep them away.

The eagles have shown their ability to catch drones in their strong claws during tests, so far, such as when a drone launched from a runway at the airbase was spotted by D’Artagnan 200 meters away.

The eagles were able to out down drones In less than 20 seconds, the drone was caught and incapacitated.

The French military team  has been in training since June last year. French military forces often use birds of prey — such as falcons — to ward lesser birds off military runways, harnessing the intelligence of the birds has proved to be a novel way to take on modern, technological tools used by threat groups.

Commander Christophe says the eagles are “making good progress” and are surpassing projected performance levels by three to four months.

In order to train them to take on drones, the four eagles were trained from the age of three weeks and served their food on top of drone wreckage to create an association between UAVs and food.

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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