Indonesia ban Velentine’s day officials say it encourages free sex

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Indonesian School students in Muslim majority country on staged a protest against Valentine’s Day, denouncing what they said was a Western culture that encourages casual sex.

velentines day“This protest was organised to oppose free sex as Valentine’s Day tends to be associated with free sex,” said Pandu Satria, organiser of the demonstration that was attended by scores of students. “That makes us afraid.”

The majority Muslims students who staged the noisy demonstration on Monday were from a school in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.

“Students chanting say no to Valentine!”, mostly young girls many of them wearing headscarves.

Every year Indonesian clerics expression of anger at Valentine’s Day in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, where government officials and some Muslims typically use the occasion to target what they see as Western decadence.

Indonesian government orders in parts of the Muslim-majority nation have confiscated condoms and strictly banned students especially from celebrating Valentine’s Day, saying the romantic tradition encourages casual sex and runs counter to cultural norms.

Makassar the Indonesian city located on Sulawesi island, police raided minimarts and seized huge stock of condoms that were readily available in most parts of Indonesia, a secular country whose state ideology enshrines religious diversity.

“These raids were conducted after the government officials received reports from residents that the minimarts were selling condoms in an unregulated way, especially on Valentine’s Day,” the city police official Jufri was quoted as saying in a media report.

The police office warns employees of the minimarts and other stores were not to sell contraceptives to teenagers, the report said.

Valentine’s day forbidden is declared by Indonesia’s highest Islamic clerical council by Islamic law in 2012, saying it was contradictory to Muslim culture and teachings.

Indonesia’s vast majority more than 220 million Muslims follow a moderate form of Islam in a country with sizeable Christian and Hindu minorities.

Capital, Jakarta, and other parts of the Indonesia, Valentine’s Day has grown in popularity with companies looking to cash in by offering special discounts and promotions.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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