US Federal judge scraps Donald Trump’s Muslim ban nationwide

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Federal US judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked President Trump’s ban on travelers from 7 Muslim-majority countries.

donald trump's banJudge James L. Robart heard arguments Friday for the temporary restraining order that will bar enforcement of portions of the ban.

The Attorney General of Washington State Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit on Monday arguing the order is unconstitutional.

Washington state Attorney says the restraining order is needed to protect residents and businesses from suffering inseparable harm.

Attorney General’s office in Washington State declares the temporary restraining order will remain in place until U.S. District Seattle Court’s Senior Judge James L. Robart taken into consideration the Attorney General’s lawsuit challenging on key issues and provisions of the order as illegal and unconstitutional which need to be intervened in the interest of respecting rights.

If Ferguson prevails, the Executive Order would be permanently invalidated nationwide.

“The attorney general says the Constitution prevailed today,” Ferguson said. “he reminded everyone no one is above the law- not even the President.”

According to reports emerged from Washington-based businesses such as Amazon, Expedia, and Microsoft are in support of the restraining order, stating that it’s hurt their operations.

Another US state Minnesota has joined Washington state in seeking a temporary restraining order for the ban.

“Further Speaking to the news reporters Attorney General said we are a nation of laws. Not even the president can violate the constitution,” he told outside the courtroom.

“He said today’s historic decision shuts down the executive order immediately, shuts it down,” he added. “That relief is immediate, happens right now. That’s the bottom line.”

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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