Muslim woman lashed 26 times for ‘having sex outside marriage’

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Accused of having sex outside the marriage the woman along with the man she was faced the brutal punishment as having sex outside of wedlock is against strict Sharia law.

muslim womanAn Indonesian woman clutching her head in her hands as she is struck across the back is forced to endure 26 agonising lashes as punishment for having sex outside of marriage.

Images show how the woman was forced to kneel on the ground on the public stage in front of a mosque in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

The woman’s fearful face, the man who hands out the punishment uses a cane to crack her across the back 26 times for violating the law as a crowd of people look on.

Suddenly at one point the woman appears to fall forwards and clutches her head with her veil as she cries out in pain.

After the woman’s brutal punishment is over, the man whom she is accused of having sex with is also brought to the stage, flanked by two male police officers.

The man too is forced to stand there while he endures 26 lashes and the images show his face grimacing as he receives his punishment.

Indonesian Aceh is the only province, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, that is allowed to implement Islamic Sharia law.

Under the Sharia Islamic law, men and women, who are not spouses, are not allowed to get too close due to the ‘khalwat’ offence – and punishment is by public caning.

The harshest punishment also imposes on Gay sex, gambling and drinking alcohol are all brutally punishable by caning lashing  in Aceh which began implementing Sharia law after being granted special autonomy in 2001.

A flurry of new Islamic laws have been introduced in Aceh in recent years, drawing howls of protest from rights groups.

The rule has also been implemented last year in Banda Aceh banned women from entertainment venues after 11pm unless they are accompanied by a husband or male family member.

Aceh district has also banned unmarried men and women from riding together on motorbikes.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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