Mum ‘let her boyfriend rape her 14-year-old daughter so he could have child’

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Mother who had undergone a hysterectomy allowed her partner to rape her 14-year-old daughter and get her pregnant so he could have a child, a court heard.

Mum 'let her boyfriend rape her 14-year-old daughter so he could have child'The woman’s boyfriend reigned in terror over his stepdaughter, sexually abusing her for years in his downstairs “den”, a jury was told.

The alleged victim’s mum, who has since died, is said to have told her daughter to continue letting her step-dad rape her to maintain a “peaceful life”.

The abuse began when he put his hand down her the victim’s underwear when she was just 10 years old during a drive home from a KFC in the 1970s, Reading Crown Court heard.

He later raped her regularly in her younger teenage years and she eventually gave birth to his son, prosecutors claim.

The victim’s mother lied to friends and family about the baby’s father in a bid to cover up the horrific crime, the jury heard.

Prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson told the court: “At some stage the mother had a hysterectomy meaning she could have no further children. She and the defendant had no children together.

“It may appear, however, that there was some kind of agreement between them that since the mother could not give him a child, he could have a child with her daughter instead.”

The court heard the victim’s ordeal began when her stepdad sexually assaulted her at Slough Trading Estate, the business park made famous by BBC sitcom The Office.

He told jurors: “He had driven her as a treat to a KFC in Slough where they bought some fried chicken to eat at home later.

“On the way back he stopped the car at a quiet spot in the Slough Trading Estate. He turned to the complainant and put his hand up her skirt into her knickers.

“Even after the passage of many years she remembers it hurt her and told him to stop. He told her not to tell anyone and, in this instance, put it in a menacing way saying, ‘it would be bad for your mother if she found out’.”

The jury heard that the stepfather, now aged 75, would sneak into her room and rape her as her sister slept in the next bed.

“She remembers another occasion as her stepfather was in the bedroom having sex with her when her mother was calling out to the defendant and saying ‘what are you doing with her? You should be in bed with me’ which suggested to her that her mother knew what was going on.”

Press journalist for HRO media – Ignacio Damigo reports.

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