Activists- Intense bombing of Syria’s Aleppo kills 27

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At least 27 civilians were killed in regime air strikes, barrel bomb attacks and artillery fire on the rebel-held side of Syria’s Aleppo city on Saturday, a monitor said.

bombing SyriaThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported massive bombardment across the eastern side of the battered city, five days into a renewed government assault on opposition-held districts.

“There’s barely a neighbourhood that has been spared in the east,” said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman.

The deaths brought the civilian toll in five days of regime bombardment of eastern Aleppo to at least 92, according to the Observatory which said however that many of the wounded were in serious condition.

Saturday was the fifth day of renewed assaults by Syrian warplanes on eastern Aleppo districts, a rebel-held enclave of 275,000 people. The onslaught began Tuesday, when Syria’s ally Russia announced its own offensive on the northern rebel-controlled Idlib province and Homs province in central Syria.

The White House meanwhile demanded an immediate halt to Syrian strikes on eastern Aleppo. White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the U.S. is tracking reports about health conditions.

Speaking in Peru, Rice said the U.S. condemns the “horrific attacks” against hospitals and aid workers “in the strongest possible terms”. Rice added there was “no excuse” for the attacks.

The White House is putting the onus on Russia to lower the violence and help humanitarian aid get to besieged Syrians. It says President Barack Obama joins other leaders in Europe, and those gathering for an Asia economic summit in Peru over the weekend, in demanding a halt to bombings.

The bombing on Saturday came after a day of airstrikes that hit four hospitals in east Aleppo. A statement issued late Friday by the opposition’s Aleppo Health Directorate said that all hospitals in east Aleppo are out of service because of the bombing over the past days.

“The intentional destruction of infrastructure for survival has made the besieged steadfast people, including children, elderly and men and women, without medical facilities to treat them,” the statement said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said not all hospitals in east Aleppo neighborhoods are out of service but people are finding difficulties reaching them because of the intensity of the shelling.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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