ISIS seeks to up ‘terror’ ante with gruesome pilot killing

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Feb 04, – By burning a Jordanian pilot alive in its most savage execution video yet, the Islamic State (IS) group aims to terrify its Arab and Western opponents into ending their anti-jihadist war.

hromedia IS seeks to up 'terror' ante with gruesome pilot killing arab uprising2Your men will end up in videos that are even more horrific and will do lasting damage to public opinion in your countries,” said Romain Caillet, an expert on jihadist movements.

Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh was captured by IS in December when his fighter plane crashed in Syria as he participated in the US-led campaign against the group.

But Jordanian state media said Tuesday that Kassasbeh appeared to have been killed on January 3, suggesting the group never planned to exchange the pilot.

“The main purpose of this video is to send a message that retribution against fellow Muslims who assist the United States in its fight against the group will be unimaginable.”

“As the pilot brought down fire on the jihadists (with air strikes), so they burned him according to the law of an eye for eye,” Alhashimi said. Burning a prisoner alive is a way to get maximum ‘buzz’, as it were.”

The video, more than 22 minutes long, seeks to justify burning Kassasbeh alive by showing footage of the air strikes launched by the US-led coalition in Syria since September.

– Muslim backlash against killing –

The video also includes quotes from the radical 13th century scholar Ibn Tamiyya, a favoured theologian of Islamic fundamentalists and extremists, intended to justify the mode of execution. it is a legitimate jihad,” the quote superimposed on Kassasbeh’s burning body reads.

And online, jihadist sympathisers shared documents in Arabic and other languages with “proofs” that burning Kassasbeh alive was religiously justified.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat reports.

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