AAP’s Somnath Bharti ‘racist’, says Human Rights Observers

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Mar 22, – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was observed by Human Right Observers today in the auditorium of HRO, Sri Mohammed Tameem Chairman of Human Rights Observers presided over the function.

hromedia AAP’s Somnath Bharti ‘racist’, says Human Rights Observers intl. news2A few months back one incident happened in New Delhi, which has sent shock waves throughout the world. The former Minister of   Aam Party Government in New Delhi Somnath Bharti along with a gang raided a colony of African citizens in New Delhi.  He took the law in his hand when the police had declined to act on his directions.

After this incident panic spread among the African citizens and students, who are now reluctant to come over to India either for studies or work and business. They have formed an opinion about India that this country is following the policy of racial discrimination, without knowing that this incident happened only in Delhi a small state. Mr. Tamim further said that the blot created by the Aam Party due to their over enthusiasm has sent wrong signals. The number of African students who preferred India for studies decreased to 50%. The organizations like HRO now have to work out to wipe off this impression.

Speaking on the occasion Sri Mohammed Tamim said that as a result of developments of all sorts the world has shrunk to be a Global Village, making  the culture and life style of the people common.  There has been awakening about the respect of fellowmen and dignity of humanity. He said that the biggest message of the modern day society is the equality of human kind with any discrimination of gender, race, colour, region,  civilization and religion. It is a matter of happiness that a major part of the society acts on the principles of equality throughout the world.

He said that   the principle of equality   has been enshrined in the preamble of our constitution. At one hand we are proud of our guiding principle and on the other hand we are ashamed that in the 21st century still there are certain forces which are against the very principle of equality.

Delegates from the African   countries     participated in the function. They said that they are impressed by the   spirit of equality and tolerance of Indian people.

Press reporter for HRO media – Reports.

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