Cuba sends in trained ‘snipers’ to target Venezuelan protestors

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Mar 15, – The brutal repression orders come from Havana there is a humiliating Cuban military interference. Straight out of the Castro dictatorship handbook

hromedia Cuba sets up snipers in Venezuela to target protestors intl. news2The Cuban regime has ordered snipers to take positions on top of buildings in Venezuela and be at the ready to shoot peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators.

The escalating political crisis and violence in Venezuela is increasingly pointing towards the Cuban collaboration in the South American country. At stake is the fate of the Cubans there after more than a decade of missions ranging from humanitarian contributions to involvement in the country’s intelligence strategies and social control.

Venezuelan opposition Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado headed the call for a new national march on Sunday March 16, with the peculiarity that the mobilization is directed against the “Cuban interference” in the Armed Forces of Venezuela and in the country’s life public life.

“Against Cuban repression and for Venezuelan dignity. This Sunday #16M ¡everyone in the street!” wrote Machado in her active Twitter account after a meeting with the press .

The nationwide demonstration plans to take to the streets to repudiate the actions of government forces throughout Venezuela.
In her call for the march, Machado noted that on Wednesday the repression reached an unprecedented level in the history of Venezuela.

“Not even under the worst dictatorships of the twentieth century did we see what occurred Wednesday in cities across Venezuela,” she said.

Official figures given by Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz on Thursday at a session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva confirmed 28 dead and 365 injured as a result of protests that have shaken the country since February 12. There are also over a thousand arrested.

The call for a march against the Cuban presence comes at a crucial time of the convulsive Venezuelan panorama.

President Maduro considers replacing members of the National Guard by the Army and impose a curfew amid the unstoppable wave of protests that threatens to paralyze the country. The ruling party looks set to impose desperate measures and that can be a trigger of worse events with an unpredictable ending.

But it is significant that now, in the midst of the protests, the Cuban collaboration is identified as a target of attack and mobilization. This step is significant and can bring on a series of events; it is the result of an accumulation of complaints, disagreements and stubbornness from opposition sectors, which at this point include half the country or perhaps even more.

It is no accident that the “march against the Cubans” occurs when the siege begins to close around Maduro’s options to solve the crisis. And also when the White House and US Congress are poised to seek stronger measures to deal with the debacle of Chavista policies.

For weeks the burning of Cuban flags has taken place during the opposition demonstrations in response to interference from the island’s personnel in Venezuela.

Press journalist for HRO media – Norberto Lluch contributed to this report.

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