Schools battling to teach binge drinking, drug taking students

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Mar 07, – The report by the National Council on Drugs reveals an education system where teachers are battling to get students to pay attention in class after weekends of partying.

hromedia Schools struggling to teach binge-drinking, drug-taking students health and finess2The council’s chief director, Gino Vumbaca, says the problem extends beyond students trying to concentrate despite Monday morning hangovers.

He says they also come to school having experienced a weekend often full of confrontation, violence and sexual activity.

“Kids don’t draw a line through it and say ‘oh, that happened on the weekend, now we’re at school we’ll have to stop that and focus on learning’,” he said.

“Those sorts of incidents carry over into the classroom and then teachers have to deal with that before they can get on with the teaching of the day.”

Students who used alcohol and other drugs came to school late, tired, and often with a poor attitude, the principals said.

Teachers were also worried that some students had poor role models, with parents often ignoring or actively encouraging drinking.

Health and science writer for HRO media – Dr. Carlos Ricardo, contributed to this report.

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