Moments of joy, watching Sochi Olympics on every platform

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Feb 08, – For the next two weeks dreams will come true and hearts broken as the XXII Olympic Winter Games from Sochi get under way.Opening ceremonies take place Friday and the games continue through February 23rd.

hromedia Moments of joy, watching Sochi Olympics on every platform intl. news2The whole world will watch as athletes perform physical feats beyond belief, fans flock to sports they won’t see again for four years, and each country will display their national pride, culture and heritage.

These Olympic Games are expected to draw a global TV audience of nearly three billion, including hundreds of millions from the United States. Comcast/NBCU, the holder of the U.S. rights to broadcast the Olympic Games through 2020, is providing unprecedented coverage on TV and online, totaling over 1,500 hours of content. That’s more than the coverage of the prior two Winter Olympics combined.

Live coverage of every Olympic competition will air on NBC, NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC, and USA Network. If you miss a live event, it’ll be available on-demand, and in select markets it will be available as early as immediately after the live broadcast begins. Everything is also available streaming online and on mobile devices through the NBC Sports Live Extra app. From highlights to results, everything will all be available anytime, any place. So don’t fret if you miss out – there will be no shortage of coverage coming from Sochi.

Fans can also get the very latest by following the conversation online through the official NBC Olympics’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And similar to the 2012 Summer Olympics, Comcast will open Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots in select high-traffic locations to everyone.

The Olympics is a moment of collective spirit for the world and a chance for everyone to get in touch with their patriotic side. It’s also a chance for cable to show off the latest in multi-platform content, streaming technology, and a true TV everywhere experience. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds in Sochi this year.

Press journalist for HRO media – Debi Campillos contributed to this report.

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