Sports drinks not viable over water, says expert

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Jan 27, – Popular sports drinks maker Lucozade has recently been slammed as The Advertising Standards Authority has published a ruling that the high profile advertising campaign using the slogan ‘Hydrates and fuels you better than water’ has breached their Code.

hromedia Sports drinks not viable over water, says expert health and fitness2Professor Paul Gately, Carnegie Professor of exercise and Obesity and director of MoreLife at Leeds Metropolitan University, said: “The claims made in this advert were not supported by the scientific evidence for carbohydrate electrolyte solutions.

“Sports drinks can help to hydrate during and after intense, endurance exercise, but there are many factors to take into consideration, including how physically active the person is to begin with and what they have consumed that day.”

If you’re a budding gym person, it can be tempting to try any means necessary to boost your new gym regime, and sports drinks are just one of the range of accessories fitness fans are turning to in hopes of boosting results. But this shouldn’t be the case.

“Most people exercise for less than 60 minutes per day and tend not to participate at an intensity in which sports drinks could make a positive contribution. For the majority of people, water is the best choice,” added Gately.

Five tips for healthy hydration during exercise:

* For most light intensity types of exercise including recreational swimming, golf and walking, and for any physical activity lasting less than one hour, water will rehydrate you adequately.

* Sip water in small amounts before, during and after exercise.

* Replenish fluids regularly especially when sweat rates are high and/or exercising in warm environments.

* Perform at your best and pack a bottle of water with the rest of your sports gear.

* Sports drinks may be beneficial for those undertaking regular high intensity training and performance exercise lasting for more than an hour.

Health and science writer for HRO media – Dr. Carlos Ricardo contributed to this report.

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