Fast five face jail; cars seized

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Oct 07, –  Police patrol teams caught the three 20-year-old drivers while they were having their weekly race on the Al Khawaneej Road after midnight in their different types of Mercedes cars.

hromedia - Fast five face jail; cars seizedThe General Department of Traffic of the Dubai Police recently arrested three drivers for racing, performing dangerous road stunts and endangering the lives of other road users.

Acting on a number of complaints from road users that some car drivers and bikers were racing, obstructing traffic, driving in the opposite direction of the road and causing noise and chaos in the Al Khawaneej and Mizhar area, the Dubai Police operation room dispatched police patrols who spotted the erring motorists at 2.30am.

The cars were being driven at extremely high speed side by side as they moved on the Al Khawaneej Road coming from Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road towards the direction of University City and then returned in the same direction as if completing a lap. As soon as the three cars pulled over on a road shoulder to talk and check who amongst them emerged the fastest driver or maybe to start another race, they were intercepted and arrested by the police.

The drivers tried to give different excuses and justification, however the police issued them tickets and impounded their cars that were taken away by police cranes on the spot. The three cars drivers apologised, admitting they had committed a grave mistake and promised not to repeat such an act.

A similar arrest was made on the same road where a Nissan Altima and a Lexus were involved in racing and were being driven recklessly on high speed, moving on the Al Khawaneej Road towards Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The two vehicle drivers performing stunts, suddenly stopped in the middle of the road near Al Dhalam roundabout and moved in the direction of Al Mwasalat roundabout. The two vehicles were being driven on high speed and raced many times on the same street and then headed to Oud Al Mutaina and then to Al Khawaneej. When they reached the roundabouts they drove the cars dangerously and the Lexus driver performed dangerous drifting stunts by speeding and suddenly braking, causing a screeching sound to come from his vehicle as a kind of challenge to the other driver.

When the police intercepted and stopped the two drivers, the driver of the second vehicle managed to escape because of the excessive speed, but the police managed to  register his vehicle’s number plate and issued him fine in absentia .

The first vehicle was, however, stopped and the police was shocked to find that the Altima car had several  children as passengers. The driver was issued a ticket and his car seized.

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