Tameem praises Ban Ki Moon at UN Leaders Summit

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Oct 01, New York – Speaking on the occasion Tameem Chairman of Human Rights Observers, said United Nations Global Compact, Leaders summit, marks yet another important step to focus an important issue of gender diversity in corporate sector.

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Tameem said we realize that we have much to say about women’s leadership, Today we have seen increasing the numbers of women in leadership positions is a sign of their empowerment. In terms of political participation, for example, election to public office reflects the ability to consult with constituents and develop a set of issues around which to mobilize support.

If we see the Global, percentage of women’s representation in national forums is just over 19 percent about 19 women heads of state or government and women make up for approximately 4 percent of ministerial positions worldwide.

While women’s share of paid employment is now 41 percent, the top jobs still go to men; globally only one in five senior managers are women, down from one in four two years ago.

The focus on women’s national political leadership can often obscure the importance of their leadership at the local level, where decisions are taken that affect women’s daily lives. It is at the local level, too, that most women first become politically empowered — largely through participation in civil society organizations.

In due course, women’s empowerment depends on ending all forms of violence against women and girls, including in homes, schools and workplaces. We have observed some responsive and start of a new era in this aspect.

Tameem expressed his deep sorrow about the incidents in India which involved sexual violence against women and girls, after the Delhi gang-rape case the country swept through with number of sexual harassment cases have increased, the most recent one has shocked the whole nation, and a student from the southern city of Hyderabad has been kidnapped and raped for 18 months.

Tameem said this is a wake-up call — to governments, educators and corporations in all countries. They need to take action to enforce the laws against Sexual violence, domestic violence that now exist in over 130 countries.

Tameem also praised Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations for his struggle and efforts to lead by example. He has indeed helped nearly double the number of women in the most senior UN positions.  Today our top officials for humanitarian affairs, human rights, health, development and disarmament are women, so is our chief of staff. I am extremely proud that for the first time in history, five UN peacekeeping operations involving tens of thousands of troops are led by women.

The empowerment of women has yet again been a part of a wider effort to make sure that all people are able to exercise their right to participate in the development process in his global focus and approach.

Press writer for HRO media – Debi Campillos contributed to this report.

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