Lady Gaga asks fans to stop posting abusive tweets

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Aug 20, – Lady Gaga has asked her fans to stop sending online threats to her critics. The pop star said she would not condone “hateful or abusive language” directed towards others, adding “this is not a healthy way to handle your emotions”.

hromedia Lady Gaga asks fans to stop sending abusive tweets intl. news1Some of her fans had tweeted death threats to dance producer Deadmau5, who criticised Gaga’s video collaboration with artist Marina Abramovic.

Meanwhile, One Direction have also said that some fans “cross the line” on social media. In a BBC interview, Harry Styles said: “Obviously there’s a line and some people cross it – but most people don’t.”

His bandmate Niall Horan said he had always heeded the advice, “don’t tweet anything you don’t want your grandmother to hear”.


Writing on her blog, Lady Gaga told fans: “I know how angry you feel sometimes, and I know that when they say things about me you feel that they are saying them about you as well.

“Although pop culture and society have become more negative and critical of the artist over the years, by engaging in this negativity you are allowing it to spread. She continued: “I ask you to take a pledge with me to continue the change toward positivity, and to recognize that this behaviour is wrong.

hromedia Lady Gaga asks fans to stop sending abusive tweets intl. news3“The anonymous nature of social media has made it easy for many to vent their anger by bullying others with no recourse or accountability. But this is not a healthy way to handle your emotions.”

Gaga’s comments came after a public row with gossip columnist Perez Hilton.

The singer claimed Hilton was stalking her by trying to rent an apartment in the block where she lives in New York. The celebrity blogger vehemently denied this in a response on his website.

He wrote: “I hope her fans stop sending me death threats, as the suggestion that I pose a danger to Lady Gaga is preposterous. If her fans want to send a message of support to Lady Gaga, they should buy her music.”

One Direction singer Styles described his band’s fans as “passionate” – and said the positive result of social media was the “interaction” with them. “I never imagined when I was younger that anyone I listened to on the radio would answer me in a tweet,” Styles said.

He added that he erred towards caution when using social media.

“It’s common sense… in terms of the dangers, I think you just have to be aware and not share too much. Be clever with what you put out there.”

The group’s film This is Us is having its premiere in London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday.

The boyband, who were brought together on the television talent show The X Factor, have topped the charts in countries all round the world.

They became the first British act to top the US Billboard chart with their debut album.

Press writer for HRO media – contributed to this report.

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