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July 2, 2013 | By More

Human Rights Observers (global peace promoters) ‘The Magazine’

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Human Rights observers, magazine complies with the development of human rights across the world, and is of immense importance to human rights studies and education. The magazine is an attempt to create awareness on human rights and ensure it applies all over the world.”

The Human Rights magazine would devote itself not only to the theoretical or academic aspect of the human rights issue, but also to practical problems and emerging stories of human rights abuses during the Arab uprising.

The magazine to play a major role in human rights a common standard of achievement for all Peoples and all nations. Every release of this magazine will be sent to the Presidents and Prime Ministers of United Nations Member States.

Development of human rights is an important aspect of social development of all countries. It is also a never-ending historical process. While universal, human rights have their peculiarities. Owing to differences in historical background, social system,

We hope people involved would work hard and run it well to make it a medium that reflects practice of safeguarding and promoting human rights.

We would like to invite our readers to participate in this campaign. The citizens of each country should demand that their governments remain encouraged by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other convention, that to implement basic principles of respecting the rule of law, so that complaints can be systematically investigated, and culprits properly prosecuted, regardless of whether the crimes were committed by state agencies or non-state actors.

Tameem M. Editor in Chief


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