Athens Rally to support “Greece, Turkey, solidarity”

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June 4, ATHENS, Greece (AP) Most people who joined Monday’s march were supporters of the Greek Communist Party, KKE, with many waving red party banners. Several hundred people from other protest groups took part in the rally from the Turkish Embassy to the capital’s main Syntagma Square.

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About 2,000 protesters chanting “Greece, Turkey, Solidarity” have staged a peaceful march to parliament in central Athens in support of the anti-government demonstrations in neighboring Turkey.

Lawmaker Panayiotis Lafazanis of Greece’s left-wing main opposition party, Syriza, called the Turkish protests “a hopeful message for all people in the region” to resist policies that drove large sections of their societies into poverty.

Anti-austerity protests have eased over the past year in recession-battered Greece, despite an ongoing and painful austerity program implemented in exchange for international bailout loans.

Associated press coordinator for human rights observers – contributed to this report.

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