Beauty disasters can strike at any time 6 instant fixes remedy

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Common beauty disaster: Frizzy hairSince the dawn of time, frizzy hair has had a bad rep. If you need an instant fix for this common beauty disaster rub a little conditioner into the palms of your hands and, using your fingers, run the conditioner through dry hair. The conditioner should tame the frizz in your hair and return your locks to their smoother glory.

How did this happen? At 6:30 this morning you looked polished, sleek and, even though you say so yourself, rather beautiful. Now, its 5:30 pm and you’re going for a post-work party and you look shocking; so much so you would scare small children. Beauty disasters can strike at any time, which is why we have put together this guide that should help you overcome the most difficult of beauty disasters.

Common beauty disaster: Fake tan streaks
Even if you won the Miss World title, fake tan streaks do not look good and never will. If you’ve mismanaged your fake tan application and look a little bit like an orange zebra take a deep breath because this beauty disaster can be fixed. Firstly, exfoliate the streaky area. Then apply lemon juice to the streaky area; the citric acid in the lemon should lighten or remove the streaks. If the streaks are on your face, try using a toner and cotton pad to remove any imperfections. If your skin is still streaky apply a bronzer or matching foundation to the uneven area.

Common beauty disaster: A spot
Whether it’s one mini-volcano on your chin or a breakout that looks like a tidal wave swooping across your forehead, spots are a beauty disaster that no one enjoys. Although your diet, your hormones and your cleansing routine affect your spots, if you want a quick fix for one blemish there are a few things you can do. First, if the spot area is swollen wrap some ice in a towel and apply to the affected area to reduce the swelling. Then, after cleansing, take some concealer that matches your skin tone and mix it with a green hue. The green neutralises the redness of the spot.


Common beauty disaster: Oily hair
Whoever invented that snooze button on the alarm clock has a lot to answer to. Even though the morning before we promised ourselves that we would never dare to hit the snooze button ever again, here we are frantically dashing around trying to get ready for work and, yet again, we don’t have the time to jump into the shower and wash our hair. To fix this all too common beauty disaster you need dry shampoo. Don’t apply the dry shampoo directly onto your hair, you should spray the de-greaser to a paddle brush then brush from your roots to your tips, bringing the brush through your locks. Using dry shampoo in this way will save you from looking grey before your time.

Common beauty disaster: Smudged lipstick
A sharp, pop of colour on your lips can bring together a look and give you a sultry, seductive edge. However, if your lipstick begins to bleed into the creases around your mouth and smudges onto your skin, your look will be ruined. For an instant fix to this beauty disaster, apply a lip liner around the outer edge of your lips. You can also use a neutral colour over your whole lip area to create a base for the lipstick. Then take a lip brush and apply the lipstick to your lips using the brush. Applying the lip colour in this way will help the colour stay on your lips longer.


Common beauty disaster: Bruises
Obviously you’re a very elegant and graceful lady, yet the other night you managed to collide, shin-first, into that coffee table and last week you tripped over the laces of your shoes when you were out running. Although clumsy falls happen to the best of us, having bruises up and down your body is probably not the look you were really going for. To instantly fix this beauty disaster you need to raise the affected area to draw blood away from the bruise and, if it has just happened, apply ice to reduce swelling and restrict the blood vessels. Then, if your skin didn’t break when the bruise was made, take a hypoallergenic concealer and apply. Your bruise will change in colour as it heals so adjust your concealer accordingly.

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