Syria rebels seize UN convoy near Golan

March 7, 2013 | By More

Beirut: 7 March 2013 Syrian rebels say they have seized a convoy of United Nations observers near the Golan Heights, according to videos posted on the Internet site YouTube on Wednesday by a violence monitoring group.

A young man saying he was from the “Martyrs of Yarmouk” brigade said the convoy would not be released until forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad withdrew from the village of Jamla, a mile east of the ceasefire line with the Israeli-occupied Golan.

Surrounded by several rebel fighters with assault rifles, the man stood in front of a two white armoured vehicles and a truck with “UN” written on them. At least five people seen sitting in the vehicles were wearing United Nations light blue helmets and bullet-proof vests.

Meanwhile, Syria’s northern city of Al Raqqa came under total rebel control Wednesday, two days into battles with troops loyal to Al Assad’s regime over the army’s last bastion there, a watchdog said.

“[Al] Raqqa city is now out of the army’s control, after military intelligence troops surrendered to rebels following fierce clashes that raged for two days,” Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdul Rahman said.


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