Gender Equality

February 24, 2013 | By More

Since the Earth Summit twenty years ago, the international community has made historic achievements
in advancing human development, including gender equality. But the world continues to face
considerable social, economic and environmental challenges, and progress continues to be threatened
by persisting gender inequalities.

This publication, Powerful Synergies: Gender Equality, Economic Development and Environmental
Sustainability, is a collection of evidence-based papers by scholars and practitioners that explore the
interconnections between gender equality and sustainable development across a range of sectors and
global development issues such as energy, health, education, food security, climate change, human
rights, consumption and production patterns, and urbanization. The publication provides evidence from
various sectors and regions on how women’s equal access and control over resources not only improves
the lives of individuals, families and nations, but also helps ensure the sustainability of the environment.

The papers in this publication make detailed recommendations for policy makers and practitioners to
ensure that policies and programmes effectively integrate gender equality and that women participate
fully and meaningfully. By acting on these recommendations and working collectively across sectors, we
will not only drive forward towards the future we want, but we will provide the foundations for present
and future generations of women and men, and boys and girls, to thrive.

Category: Women Rights

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