Assads behaviour surprising – Mousa

February 24, 2013 | By More

The actions of the Syrian president are not only surprising to people who knew him, but also
contradict the thoughts Bashar Al Assad expressed earlier, the former Secretary-General of the
Arab league Amr Mousa said.

Moreover, Mousa said while the political solution is the most preferable one to the bloody
confrontation which has been going on for nearly two years now, he added any intervention to
end the current crisis should be through the UN Security Council.

Mousa, who met with Al Assad “many many times” in the past, said he was impressed with his
character and the way he acts.

“I had to discuss with him the withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon, and he was very much true to
his word,” he told Gulf News in an interview.

However, the way Al Assad is handling the present crisis in his country is “indeed [surprising]”.

As a young leader, Al Assad “understands how change is necessary, and when a change comes
through the young generation … it is a sign of a new generation taking a new look. I thought
he was one of them, or he would be one of them, and then make the changes himself in a race
with them, they ask and he moves, they ask but both move in the same direction, and I don’ see
this is happening.”

While there is no sign of Al Assad stepping down, Mousa strongly believes that the exit to the
situation is “though political means”, and that he as “an Arab citizen, supports the initiative
advanced by Muath Al Khatib, head of the Syrian opposition in which he called for talks with
some figures from the regime. The initiative was not accepted by the Syrian regime.

Asked whether he sees an international intervention to end the Syrian crisis, Mousa said such a
scenario should be conditional.

“International interventions should come through the security council, through a resolution by
the security council, stopping the bloodshed, activating the humanitarian order for a ceasefire,
things of that kind — even if it takes a peace keeping [form], certain forces of a certain kind — I
really see that.”

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